The Literacy Volunteers of the Montachusett Area Board of Directors welcomes Anne Ndunda as a new board member and board treasurer. Welcome and thank you, Anne! Anne is finance director at Waltham Committee, Inc.

We also have a new Fundraising and Marketing Committee member, Paul Vernucci, Manager of COVID-19 Response at Worcester State University. Paul worked with another board member on the social media part of our Giving Tuesday campaign.

As we continue to build back up from the effects of the pandemic, we hope to add more talented and dedicated members to the Board – folks who believe that literacy is a vital commodity. Board members plan the future of our literacy program and work to make it happen. We raise money, we develop publicity, we support our program coordinator in every way we can. In a nutshell, the Board
of Directors strives to make our vision of an ideal LVMont come true.

We need your help to find new Board members to join our efforts. Is there someone you know who values literacy and that you respect as a leader, someone serious and competent, someone that you would trust with the future of our organization?

Our board member job description is available on our web site: Board member applicants should send in a letter of interest and a resume.