To tutor with us, you don’t need to speak another language. You just need to be:

  • 18 or older.

  • Able to read, write and speak clear and fluent English,

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalency or higher.

You’ll also need to attend a Volunteer Information Session, successfully complete an 18-hour training, and commit to tutoring an adult for 2 hours weekly over a period of at least nine months. Giving your time as a volunteer tutor is a great way to give something back and to make a difference.


Our tutors receive 18 hours of free training before working with a student, and they are supported during their tutoring with regular workshops, resources, and professional staff. We train tutors in Basic Literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) tutoring.

We have multiple tutor trainings throughout the year: fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Please contact Literacy Volunteers of the Montachusett Area to find out more.

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Our 2021-2022 Tutor trainings are made possible by a Career Readiness and Educational Access Grant from the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts.

Tutoring FAQ

A. LVM’s teaches basic literacy students primarily from non-reader to the 6th grade level. Some of our students don’t know the alphabet. Others can read an article in the newspaper but miss key words. A few of our students read at about the 5th grade level but write well below that level, making it impossible for them to complete job applications.

The range of English language skills of LVM’s ESOL students varies. Some of our students cannot respond to a simple question. Others can read English well but are unable to hold a conversation. A few of our students can manage everyday situations but do not know enough English to advance at work.

During your training, you’ll have the chance to state your preferences for a high or low-level student. We will try our best to honor your preferences given the students on the waiting list at the time you are matched.

A. Students hear about LVM from a variety of sources, mostly by word of mouth from friends, relatives, employers, health care professionals or other students. They also hear about LVM from public service announcements, social service agencies, libraries and other adult education programs.

Prior to being matched, students come to LVM for an initial intake interview which includes a personal history and information about interests, learning styles, goals and tutor preferences. Staff also explains the tutoring commitment and what to expect so students can make a realistic decision about whether LVM’s tutoring program is suitable for them at this time. An assessment is also conducted to determine the student’s skill level.

A. During your training, you will have the opportunity to indicate your location, schedule and teaching preferences. In making a match, we also take into account any special teaching expertise you have as well as any common interests and learning styles you share with your student. Finally, we attempt to match people who appear to be compatible. The student’s interview information is shared with you (minus any identifying data) and your tutor application information (minus any identifying data) is shared with the potential student. If both the tutor and student approve of working together, then the tutor is given the student’s name and telephone number and asked to contact the student to arrange the first appointment. The tutor will receive a copy of the interview and assessment materials along with staff recommendations on where to begin.

A. We ask that pairs meet at a public place, such as the library, a coffee shop or any other convenient and public location in the community.

A. The program coordinator is in touch with you on a monthly basis by email and is available for personal appointments at any time. We are only a phone call away and will be happy to discuss your tutoring situation on the telephone or in person. We also have a resource/lending library and can help you identify resource and teaching materials. LVM publishes a regular e-newsletter. LVM also sponsors a series of in-service trainings throughout the year as well as other recognition and tutor/student events.

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