Other Volunteer Opportunities

We offer various volunteer opportunities other than tutoring:

– Our fundraising committee can always use extra members. Our fundraising volunteers have the ability to work on their own initiative and enjoy organizing events. They also work together to prospect and solicit major and corporate donors and Identify potential business partners as sponsors.

– Social Media Volunteer: our social media volunteer enjoys Canva and Social Media. This volunteer translates events, dates, and information sent by the Executive Director, into eye-catching social media posts! This position requires a minimum of 2 hours per week and can be done from home.

– Program Assistant: The program assistant works in the office for at least 4 hours per week (flexible). He/She interviews potential students, matches students with tutors, reports on tutoring hours, and maintains our contact lists and waiting list.

– Grant Writers: If you have experience with grant writing, we would love to have you as a volunteer!

– Conversation Circle Tutor: If English is your native language and you would like to help others improve their English, consider running a conversation circle in your local library. We will provide all the support you need.