The contributions of our dedicated volunteer tutors and generous donors have made it possible for our students to accomplish some remarkable achievements this year. These successes would not have been possible without your contributions.

  • S., a student from Brazil finally earned her GED with the support of her tutor. S. left Brazil the year before she would have completed her high school diploma. She has learned English and studied for the GED in the past, but kept getting sidetracked by work and family. She has had a successful life, but that credential always evaded her. She was able to take advantage of the Mount Wachusett Community College GED preparation classes shifting to online this year, and with the support of her tutor, studied, prepared, and finally took and passed her GED exams. She is continuing on and taking community college classes. Congratulations!
  • C., a student from Rwanda, passed her naturalization English, reading, writing, and civics tests and received her U.S. citizenship!
  • Students H. and S., husband and wife from Iran with a young daughter, bought a house late last summer, with H’s tutor supporting him through the process.
  • Student R., a long-time student, is reading with ease for the first time, thanks to her work with her tutor.

Thanks to you, our students are building better lives, one word at a time.